Foreign Minister Explains the Importance of IORA Concord

Jakarta, IORA - Celebrating 20 years of IORA, Indonesia sees the importance of the cooperation among the countries in the outer rim of India ocean. In order to be able to utilize the potential in this region, the stability and peace must be maintained continuously. 

"This is the important meaning of IORA Concord which will be achieved in IORA Leaders' Summit,' in Pejambon (3/3) Foreign Minister explained the meeting series of IORA Leaders Summit (Jakarta, 5-7 of March 2017).

Foreign Minister Retno added that Indonesia has shown its leadership in APEC and in ASEAN, "This is the time for Indonesia to show the leadership in IORA by holding the first summit conference and yielding a concord. 

IORA concord will give a platform for the countries to face the present and future challenges. IORA has a future plan to improve the cooperations in the field of economy. However, history proves, the economic growth will not last without being supported by the stability and peace.

"Indonesia wants to assure a stabil and peaceful Indian Ocean. The concord explains the norm setting so that the countries will commit with the international laws and agreement, including UNCLOS 1982," she explained.

The vision in this concord cannot be separated from the maritime axis implementation of President Joko Widodo's governance. Through maritime diplomacy, Indonesia has filled the vacancy in the Indian Ocean and utilized the economics opportunity.

Foreign Minister Retno explained that the western area of the Indian Ocean is a market that has been utilized. Indonesia wants to use it as the source of investment and tourism. While for the eastern part which is relatively unexposed, "Through IORA, we want to make the eastern part of the Indian Ocean as the access entrance of the cooperation of the countries in Africa and the Middle East." 

Behind the maritime diplomacy in IORA, Indonesia predicts that the Ocean is a regional future. About 2,7 billion of world community from 21 countries inhabit this region. Half of G-20 countries are also located along the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, its maritime has become the world means of transportation and the source of natural resources. 

It is also explained that the series of the Leaders' Summit are the Senior Official Meeting - SOM, March 5), Council of Ministers Meeting - COMM, March 6, and Leaders's Summit, March 7.

Foreign Mnister Retno admits that the participation of this meeting is beyond expectation, "From 21 countries, the attendance of16 leaders and 5 officers in the ministry level have been confirmed." During the conference, some bilateral meetings of the leaders' government and ministers will be arranged.