MCIT: IORA Media Center Ready to Serve 300 Journalists

Jakarta, IORA - Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rudiantara on Saturday (4/3) night, inspected the final preparation of IORA Media Center at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)-Hall A.

''Media Center is ready to serve journalists covering the IORA Summit, '' said the Minister as the person in charge of IORA’s Media and Public Relation Division.

During his visit, Minister Rudiantara coordinated with the organizing committee and tested some equipment at the Media Center. Until this news is published, there are around 300 journalists, both local and foreign, who have registered to cover Indian Ocean Rim Association Summit that will took place on March 5-7, 2017.

IORA is an international organization consisting of 21 coastal countries bordering Indian Ocean. This organization was established in 1997 and aims to strengthen cooperation among member states.

On Sunday (5/3), the senior official meeting will start IORA Summit 2017 and proceeded by the Council of Ministers Meeting on Monday (6/3). The peak event, Leaders’ Summit, will take place on Tuesday (7/3) and will be attended by 14 Heads of State from 21 member states and 6 observer countries.

“Among heads of state/government who will attend the event are the President of South Africa, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Prime Minister of Australia, Vice-President of India and President of Sri Lanka. (Gusti Andry/ Translator:Ugi)