First Lady Invites Wives of Heads of State of IORA Summit Participants for Learning to Make Batik

Jakarta, IORA - The First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo invited wives of Heads of State of the Association of Indian Ocean Rim Summit (IORA Summit) participants  for learning to make Batik  during spouse program at Bogor Presidential Palace on Tuesday.

The program was attended by 4 wives of Head of State, namely:  First Lady of the United Republic of Tanzania Mwanarnwerna Shein, First Lady of of  Republic of South Africa Bongi Ngema Zuma, wife of Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Suleikha Ghalinle Osman, wife of Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Chew Poh Yim.

Iriana Jokowi  accompanied her guests to learn  Batik making process, starting from how to hold “canting” (a pen-like tool to draw batik)  until applying wax from canting onto the white silk cloth.

"The first step is to draw a pattern on the white silk cloth by using a pencil.  The pattern varies depend on the country. For example, Indonesia is known for jasmine, then the First Lady will draw jasmine pattern, Singapore is known for floral orchid, then she will draw orchid design," said Branch Manager Batik Danarhadi Jakarta, Denny R Eryawan, when accompanying the state guests learn to make batik.

Denny said the white silk cloth drawn by  the four wife of the head of state and government will be continued and be produced by the  experts, and will be sent to their country as souvenir.

In addition, besides learning to make batik, Batik Danarhadi also displayed several collections of The Danar Hadi Antique Batik Museum in Solo, such as Batik Keraton (palace batik), Hokokai Javanese Batik, Chinese Batik, Netherlands Batik,and  Batik Indonesia, to be shown to the guests.

“The theme of the exhibition is Batik: The Influence of Era and Environment," he said.

Denny hoped that  introducing batik  batik to the wives of heads of state would make  Batik to be more recognised worldwide, especially in guest’s country.

"In the future, we hope  Batik will be more popular abroad," Denny said.

The exhibition was also displaying several pearl jewelry crafts

The First Lady’s guests  also bought several collections of Batik Danarhadi and some pearl jewelry crafts. (Joko Susilo)