RI roles in IORA

Jakarta, IORA – IORA is a regional meeting for ministerial level comprising littoral countries bordered with the Indian Ocean. During 2015 – 2017, Indonesia has been given the opportunity to be the Chair of IORA. In its leadership period, Indonesia lifts the theme of “Strengthening Maritime Cooperation in a Peaceful and Stable Indian Ocean”. Several initiatives have been made by Indonesia during its chairmanship such as the establishment of IORA Concord, IORA Summit and also the 2nd IORA Blue Economy Ministerial Conference (BEMC).

Indonesia must take active roles in IORA because Indonesia has various interests such as to prevent the Indian Ocean from being influentially contested by powerful states such as US, UK, India and China. It is brought by economy and politic interests as well as geopolitic strategy. In the context of preventing the area from being contested, it is the time for Indonesia to express its sustainable leadership. Indonesia needs to keep leading before, during and after being the Chair of IORA.

Arif Havas Oegroseno, Deputy in Maritime Sovereignty, Coordinating Ministry in Maritime, revealed several Indonesia’s leadership initiatives in the IORA. “We will build networking among maritime law enforcement institutions in IORA countries,” he said in Jakarta on Friday (2/3). By having the network, he continued, the effort to overcome any maritime security threats in the Indian Ocean would become easier.

Furthermore, in fisheries management, the Deputy, once the former Indonesia Ambassador for Belgium, said that Indonesia was ready to help in strengthening capacities for IORA countries in maritime sector. “We are ready to give training sessions in aquaculture, hydrograph mapping, tsunami early warning system, climate change mitigation at littoral areas and sea area conservation,”he explained.

In the context of the Blue Economy, Indonesia is ready to help in any sector such as capacity strengthening in aquaculture sector, marine tourism and investment in maritime sector. Indonesia also will express its role by becoming the host of the 2nd Blue Economy Ministerial Conference to be held on 9 to 10 May 2017. Delegate for Indonesia in the event will be led by the Coordinating Maritime Minister.

With all the initiatives, supported with the significant IORA trust fund, Indonesia is expected to keep leading in IORA along with its members. “We want Indonesia to show a significant role and to help IORA in bringing sustainable outcomes not only gathering forums,” he said. (Irvina Falah/Translator: ANN)

Source: Communication Team of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia