Australian PM Praises President Joko Widodo


Jakarta, IORA - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull praised President Joko Widodo related to how he managed to deal with Muslim’s protest peacefully.

"The president showed tremendous attitude in dealing with Islamic democracy some time ago," said Malcolm Turnbull at the closing press conference at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/7).

According to him, the attitude shown by the President is the right step to prevent the radical movement. Therefore, regional security on the Indian Ocean maintained together should be able to anticipate and prevent potential acts of terrorism. "We condemn acts of terrorism, and the Indian Ocean region must be vigilant," said Turnbull.

Turnbull said precautions against terrorism must be taken to realize a better Indian Ocean region.

He expected that IORA Summit particularly through IORA Declaration on Preventing and Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism can make IORA a peace region.

"The Indian Ocean region is expected to enhance the cooperation and to keep peace based on law," he concluded. (Tri Antoro)