Press Statement: Joko Widodo President of the Republic of Indonesia at the IORA Summit 2017_March 7, 2017


Jakarta, 7 March 2017

President of South Africa
Prime Minister of Australia
Fellow members of the press

1. The first IORA Summit has just finished.

2. The meeting went well, in a productive and constructive manner.

3. The meeting was led by the Troika, consisting of Indonesia as the Current Chair, South Africa as the incoming Chair and Australia as the past Chair.

4. Leaders welcomed the convening of the first ever IORA Summit.

5. In addition to commemorating the 20th Anniversary of IORA, the convening of the Summit is a strategic and progressive step of IORA Leaders to encourage IORA so that it will be able to move faster, able to face current situation, and able to deal with future challenges.

6. The current Summit is also a milestone of renewal of commitment for IORA member countries to intensify IORA cooperation.

7. All Leaders realize the challenges we are facing today.

8. All Leaders realize the potentials that IORA countries have.

9. All IORA Leaders also realize the importance of safeguarding the Indian Ocean, an Ocean that unites all member countries.

10. The current Summit results in the Jakarta Concord.

11. In the Concord, we strengthen the commitment to:

a. Promote maritime safety and security
b. Increase trade and investment cooperation
c. Advance the sustainable and responsible development and management of fisheries
d. Strengthen disaster risk management
e. Elevate academic and science cooperation; and
f. Promote cooperation in tourism and culture.

12. In addition to the six areas of cooperation, IORA Leaders have also encouraged IORA to strengthen cooperation in three other issues namely:

a. Blue economy,
b. Women empowerment, and
c. Democracy, good governance, corruption eradication and human rights.

13. One main issue that became a common wish for all IORA Leaders is to establish the Indian Ocean as a safe and peaceful region.

14. Leaders also have a high commitment to respect international laws, including UNCLOS 1982, which we call by a Constitution to govern the Ocean.

15. A peaceful and safe Indian Ocean is the main prerequisite to implement cooperation in other fields.

16. Another point that was welcomed by IORA Leaders is the convening of the IORA Business Summit. Networking and cooperation between businessmen must be further strengthened in the future.

17. And now I would like to invite His Excellency the President of South Africa, and afterwards the Prime Minister of Australia, to deliver their remarks.